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Bouclé | Solihull : Chapter 2

So we’ve been back a week, we’ve worked long hours over seven days and have welcomed back so many lovely loyal clients as well as new faces that were due to see us during lockdown. We’re loving our journey through this strange time! It’s lovely to catch up with you all after so many months away! We are so grateful for all of your ongoing support, messages, gifts and feedback... we really have tried to implement everything possible to keep you all safe and the feedback we’ve received is overwhelming, we are happy that you are all feeling safe and comfortable in our new normal way of salon life! Let’s hope it’s temporary though as I can’t wait to be able to work without a mask!!

So for those of you that haven’t been in yet, what’s it like?

Well we have a fair few changes... let’s start with booking your appointment, we now have an online booking system, it reduced our paper waste and helps to keep things more hygienic instead of us all using a paper book. It’s also great for you guys you can book anytime without having to speak to us during working hours, but don’t worry if you prefer us to book you in, we still offer this via our phone 07732464442.

So you’ve booked the appointment whats next?

You’ll automatically get sent a reminder text 48hours before your appointment and you’ll also receive a message with a link to our consultation form to fill out prior to your appointment. This is important to complete before entering the salon to avoid time taken away from your hairdressing service! Once submitted you’ll get a full breakdown of what to expect, our new salon policies and what to bring/not bring with you!

Ok so you’re all set, and you arrive at BOUCLÉ, where have you parked? Colebrook Road outside the shops, Acheson Road, Colebrook croft? Anywheres fine, be sure to arrive on time and not too early as we’re unable to offer waiting space at the moment. So you queue outside the salon, socially distanced of course. Or if it’s raining, wait in your car and let us know you’ve arrived and we’ll call you in when we’re cleaned down and ready for you.

So the cleaning... hairdressers have always been hygienic places, we have always used barbicide, clippercide and disinfectants, but we are now allowing 15minutes between appointments to ensure thorough disinfection is carried out between clients! We will clean all tools and surfaces.

So we welcome you in, we’ll be in a visor, a face covering and apron/gloves if needed.

You’ll be requested to sanitize your hands or to wash them and dry using paper towels. We also ask you wear your mask/face covering before entering and to attend your appointment alone. One of the questions you’re asked on your form is about showing symptoms or being around somebody that has shown symptoms and if this is the case we unfortunately cannot allow the appointment to go ahead. You’ll be given a disposable gown and disposable towel. If you arrive with a coat we’ll place it in a disposable bag to hang on our coat stand to avoid cross contamination between coats! We really have thought of everything!

I promise behind our masks we’re still smiling!

So from there we’ll do your usual consultation and take you across to the backwash. This is the only part we ask you not to talk.. we’ll ask you instead to show a hand signal to let us know if the water is not right.

Ok so back to the mirror...

And the appointment continues the same as it has always been! And we make you look and feel fabulous! We may add in some extra hand washing but other than that the service will be exactly the same... minus the drink selection and reading material! Gutted.. that’s what you all come for isn’t it! Well hopefully it won’t be long until we can offer these again, but if you are in for a colour please bring a magazine with you to keep you entertained! We are also running a 1 in 1 out policy for the first few weeks to allow minimal contact between clients and for us to get fully used to PPE and advanced cleaning schedules so we aren’t compromising any standards whilst trying to carry out too many services at once. For example, usually while your colour develops we’ll go and cut somebody else’s hair then come back when your colour is developed to cut your hair... well we won’t be cutting anybody else’s hair for now!

So the service is finished you’re happy and we take your bill while you’re still seated. If it’s a card payment we’ll have sanitised the card machine before use! We’ve had many questions about cash, we are still taking cash for those of you who prefer to pay in this way we’ll just be washing our hands after handling it. We can also rebook you if you wish ready to avoid the waiting list for the next time you’re due!

Talking of waiting lists, what are we doing about them?

Well we are down about 40% of appointment slots in order to accommodate the 1 in 1 out policy (where we can’t cut somebody’s hair while a colour develops!) so we’ve extended our working hours and days! The salon now opens late Monday-Thursday and we work Sundays too! We really want to get you all back in as soon as possible so are doing our best to help! For now we’ll continue these hours until September and reassess the situation as time goes on, regulations change and when we feel comfortable to return to our normal working patterns.

Normal... what’s that!!

We’ve all been feeling far from that haven’t we! Especially during lockdown, there’s been endless changes... and those continue at BOUCLÉ ... we’ve rebranded, redecorated and are having a big salon shake up with losing the beauticians at BOUCLÉ beauty, meaning we will be having extra hairdressing sections, we will have a dedicated Bridal area and welcome new hair & beauty team members!

Talking of team members...

Are you a Shirley, Solihull, Hall green, Wythall or birmingham Hairdresser? Are you dedicated to hair, reliable, level 3 + qualified, have minimum 5 years experience, chatty, and genuinely lovely? Because we want to hear from you!! We are recruiting and looking for the perfect team member to join us! We are currently accepting both employed & self employed applicants, just send us your details to We look forward to hearing from you!

So... to our local community thank you all for your support so far, and all of the upcoming bookings, we honestly can’t wait to see you all! We’ve missed you!

Georgina. Salon Owner.

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