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GEORGINA.owner.full time
In 2011, Bouclé opened its doors as a Professional Hair Salon. Since then it has been a MAJOR part of Georgina's life and she's worked hard to build the REPUTATION it has today.
From BALAYAGE to BRIDAL, Georgina does it all and works closely with her TEAM of hair experts, to maintain her PERFECTION outlook on all HAIR STYLES. For this reason, she has built up a CLIENTELE that travel from FAR & WIDE for her HAIRDRESSING skills. Georgina went part-time in 2018 to be able to focus more on the WEDDING HAIR side of
and to raise her beautiful daughter. GEORGINA has had a closed DIARY for a few years now, but since September has started to open her diary for new salon clients. She takes on
continuous BRIDAL HAIR.

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