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Talking of cover ups, who's been using box dyes?

Lockdown has got us like... Hairdressers need to be classed as key workers! Who'd agree?

I know I'm hating having black roots... and split ends for that matter!

All the tricks of the trade and myths in the world aren't going to sort out my ends needing a good inch off! And that's an actual inch, not a hairdressers inch! We all know the difference, don't we!

If I had a pound for every time a client asked how much an inch was I'd no longer be working! BUT... I do know why they all ask, because hairdressers have a reputation for scalping their clients, I promise I'm not one of them, I do know what an inch is! Little info on me... I studied A level Maths, didn't complete the 2 years but I knew how to use the ruler!

Anyway back to Lockdown hair... I've seen some interesting DIY cuts, what are people thinking, everyone has gone back to being a child having their mom use the dog clippers, 2 on the back and sides and butchered on top! Theres been some DIY disasters, but also some people have some hidden talents out there!

Got to love the lack of hair styling and hair washing, everyone giving their hair a break! And, no-one is going to see it, so loving the natural no makeup look too! (Have you seen my messy bun tutorial from early in lockdown?)

Selfies have drastically reduced in numbers but I absolutely love it, people are being real, people know who they are, who matters and what matters. 2020 is teaching us a lot about ourselves and I hope we all come out of this with a lot more self confidence and self worth. Lets face it beauty is within and shines through, what we do to our outer bodies may enhance it, but it can't change who we are beneath.

Talking of cover ups, who's been using box dyes? And be honest! The words no hairdresser wants to hear, but every hairdresser is expecting to hear post lockdown!

Root cover up spray for temporary root coverage

We promise we won't shout, but we may be disappointed! (That word!) No seriously we don't mind, as long as you know it may take several appointments for us to get your hair back to where it was. And we love a challenge! We know its a long time not to have your roots done and know some of you have already taken to the box dyes. But if you're still on the fence, have a look at L'Oreal Pro root touch up, its fab, it washes out when you wash your hair too so no damage and no expensive correction appointments! If you're someone who's rocking the roots, know that I'm proud of you!! And just imagine leaving the salon in a few weeks time and that transformation! If you have used any colour on your hair, just be honest with us in your consultation, any colour (including semi permanent) can stop colours from taking properly. BUT as long as we know we can take this into account when we chose your colours or advise accordingly.

So, post lockdown hair, are we all ready for a change, or will it be back to your usual colour? We've had plenty of time to scroll Pinterest and I know I've saved lots of new hair ideas, so I'll be wearing a nice blonde face frame on return or maybe a blonder balayage! Those roots give us a little more freedom to reach the hair goals we've always wanted! Who's being brave, any bright colours, or pastels even?

Now the important part, we have a priority list and these clients will get priority booking when we reopen! So, if you're not on it, get signed up! And, if you sign up, check your junk folder because these priority booking confirmations are ending up in junk! Doesn't Google know they're very important and the Golden Ticket to Post Lockdown Hair!

See you in July some time! Can't wait, stay safe & 2 meters apart!


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